How much do sneakers grip dancing? We tested it!

🟡 Onesock Productions Inc, the makers of the original dance socks, did an independent study at USC Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Research Lab in Los Angeles to measure the grip of different sneakers with and without The DanceSocks.

knee pain dancing explained. Wear the dance socks!

🟡 The study essentially proved that The DanceSocks turn sneakers into dance shoes. The traction level with The DanceSocks over any sneaker matched or was better than a leather soled Capezio character dance shoe.

THE DANCESOCKS over sneaker socks for dancing to turn easily and prevent injuries, knee pain, ankle strain, hip joints, dancing

🟡 It confirmed that The DanceSocks greatly reduce the strain on ankle, knee and hip joints preventing injuries caused by sneakers gripping during rotational movements.

knee pain zumba, jazzercise, line dance shoes for dancing

🟡 Common injuries reported by 1 in 3 dancers who dance in sneakers include tendon, ligament and meniscus tears, which can often require surgery.

🟡 You can wear any sneaker with The DanceSocks and the benefits will be consistent.

dance socks shoe covers for dancing swing dance, salsa dance, zumba, beachbody dance, cize,

🟡 We tested dance sneakers with spin spots. They were as grippy as running shoes.  Spin spots on sneakers did not provide any improvement for dancing.

spin spots on dance sneakers help you turn?  no, but the dance socks do. ryka, capezio, hip hop shoes

🟡 Age has very little effect on these types of injuries. So, no matter your age here’s to happy and healthy uninterrupted dancing with The DanceSocks!

the dance socks shoe covers for dance zumba cize line dance beachbody on demand classpass les mills

So go ahead, wear your favorite sneakers for dance, dance fitness, tai chi or kickboxing, just as long as you wear The DanceSocks over them so you can turn easily protecting your joints from injury so you can keep on dancing. 

🌈 The more you know…
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  • Reta

    I started using dance socks 3 or 4 years ago. I had had an orthopedic surgeon tell me I needed a knee replacement. I use sleeves to protect my knees and I don’t have any problems with my knees! Thanks dance socks!

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