THE DANCESOCKS® - Custom Logos
THE DANCESOCKS® - Custom Logos

THE DANCESOCKS® - Custom Logos

Want your logo on The DanceSocks?  Now you can!  

  • You provide the logo.
  • We add an "X THE DANCESOCKS" and/or "Made in USA"
  • We provide a mock-up images.
  • There is a one-time plate fee of $125. The plate will be saved for future orders.
  • The printing process is the same professional quality we use to print our logo. 
  • They can be packaged in single or 2-pair packs.
  • We pass along the cost of printing to you with no upcharge. 
  • We apply a bulk discount to the socks. 
Minimum order: 50 Pairs. Please use the contact form below for pricing.  
  • We also offer bulk & instructor discounts without customization.
  • 100% Made in USA


Please contact us for pricing and to start your order.

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THE DANCESOCKS® are one size fits all. They can fit teens to adult sizes.

THE DANCESOCKS® are made of a combination of nylon and spandex and are consumable so they will need to be replaced over time. How long they last depends on how well maintained the floors are you use them on. When used on well maintained smooth floors they should last for months of regular use.

Make sure when washing to not use any fabric softener. This will reduce the elasticity and make them age faster.

Check the treads of your sneakers before putting them on to check for anything sharp like pebbles that make cause them to tear.

THE DANCESOCKS® are Berry Compliant, which means they are 100% USA Made. Manufactured in North Carolina since 2011. We are the original over sneaker socks for dance.

THE DANCESOCKS® are designed to be worn over sneakers or a shoe with a rubber sole. We do not recommend them over dance or dress shoes because they may be too slippery and may move.

Yes, please contact us for the details at or call (212) 396-2489.

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