Trouble Staying Focused?

Work with your hands!

New research highlights the fascinating things happening with our brains when we work with our hands. Working with our hands gives our active minds a chance to rest by engaging the mind in a different way. This helps us relax, recharge, and even come up with great ideas.
It also improves focus because our hands help the brain stay connected to the activity for longer periods of time. It's that simple. 
That's right! Maneuvering The DanceSwing handles, while executing foot patterns to various song tempos keeps you highly engaged and creates a state of  "active meditation" clearing your mind and boosting dopamine levels. 

Not to mention, the obvious physical benefits of adding full-body, cardio to your day.  One 10-minute DanceSwing session provides around 1,000 steps.   

If you don't have the gear already it's easy to get started. Simply sign up on our website here: The DanceSwing Membership.  It is only $30 a month, gear included! We immediately ship you all the gear [$250 Value], plus instant access to all the features and content in The DanceSwing App!

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