The DanceSwing Helpful Tip #2

Use should always wear The DanceSocks every time you use The DanceSwing.  Sneakers are designed for forward/backward motion like running and not the twisting and turning required in all dance forms. While sneakers are ideal for fitness to avoid injuries to ankles, knees, and hips you need to be able to twist and turn easily. 

In your package you received two styles. The DanceSocks for Smooth Floors and The DanceSocks for Carpeted Floors.

The DanceSocks for Smooth Floors are what you see us wearing in the videos.  They are easily adjustable for more/less grip.  Before dancing test placement with the rock step.  You don't want to slip, so if you need more grip pull them further onto the sneaker exposing more sole at the tip of the toe.  You can always stop to adjust at any time.  It may take a little getting used to the feel, but after a few sessions you won't want to dance without them. 

The Original DanceSocks for Smooth Floors. Made in USA

The DanceSocks for Carpeted Floors cover the entire sneaker.  A helpful tip is to put them on your sneaker first, then put the sneaker on your foot.  It is easier to maneuver when the shoe is off your foot. The bottom part is thicker for durability so position the sock from the swivel sole.  The top portion is thinner on purpose to be breathable.  

The DanceSocks for Carpeted Floors. Original Made in USA.

Did you know we did a test at the University of Southern California Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Research Lab in Los Angeles? Check out our blog with the results. 

If you don't have the gear already it's easy to get started. Simply sign up on our website here: The DanceSwing Membership.  It is only $30 a month, gear included! We immediately ship you all the gear [$250 Value], plus instant access to all the features and content in The DanceSwing App

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