How to lose 1-2 Pounds a Week.


According to the Mayo Clinic, to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week, you need to burn 500 to 1,000 calories more than you consume each day, through a lower-calorie diet and regular physical activity

If you don't have one already, a fitness tracker can help you navigate how many calories you burn. There are many options at various prices.  Here are a few: FitBit, Apple Watch, Garmin, Coros, Whoop.

If you already have a fitness routine, the simple addition of The DanceSwing will boost your results.  We've made it easy by making The DanceSwing available for home use and creating short sessions that are 5-30 minutes.  You can DanceSwing for as long as you want, whenever you want.  The rate of calories burned will depend on your current fitness level.  Based on the results of our research group everyone who used The DanceSwing weekly, either short daily sessions or 2+ more times a week for longer sessions lost 1-3 pounds each week. 

We also found that participants had an increase in athletic performance for their other activities.  Faster on their feet, quicker reflexes, better balance and more energy.   

Success really is dependent on doing any activity.  With The DanceSwing you have no excuses, it's fun, it's challenging, it's addictive, it's convenient, it's portable, it's quiet, and only requires the amount of space as a yoga mat.  Our session breakdown series teaches you each session in a learn, practice and dance format and we progressively increase the speed. It is designed for everyone so you do not need any prior dance experience or skills.  We've got you. You got this.  

Come on and join us! Give it a go and discover a new way to workout at home.

1. Select your membership and place your order.
2. Download the App.
3. Your DanceSwing(s) is on the way! 

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  • Debbi

    I’m interested, does it stick to cement, or carpet? No hardwoods, in my home?

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